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Home > News > Contact Iran guests quickly! From this month, the import of Iran dollars is forbidden.

Contact Iran guests quickly! From this month, the import of Iran dollars is forbidden.


According to the official IRNA news agency of Iran, since February 28th, the purchase order in Iran's import trade is not allowed to be based on the dollar. The move is responsive to the formal request made by the Central Bank of Iran to deal with the volatility of the dollar.

Figure | foreign media reported this event

Mehdi Kasraeipour, director of Iran provincial central bank's foreign exchange regulation and policy affairs, said it would not cause much trouble to traders, because the share of the US dollar in Iran trade is not so high. Due to the US sanctions, Iran's banking industry has been unable to use the US dollar for a long time.

That's what he said:

"Considering that the use of the dollar is banned for Iran", "Hou," and "t".

Taking into account the fact that Iran and traders are banned from the US dollar, they are actually using alternative currencies in transactions, and there is no reason to deal with invoices based on the dollar as a basic exchange rate. (Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)

He also stressed that Iran businessmen need to inform suppliers to change the basic currency of order from the US dollar to other currencies, so as to ensure that the relevant import documents operate normally when they enter Iran.

Therefore, there is a need to contact Iran guests to confirm whether the order needs to be modified!

This passage can be sent to the guests in Iran to ask if they know and need to be adjusted. (Expanded Metal Mesh)

"According to the official, Iranian merchants would need to inform their inform", it is the following two aspects.

What if a contract has been signed on the basis of the dollar before? (Aluminum Foil Mesh)

Please contact the guest as soon as possible and propose to pay the equivalent RMB or euro. Now some Iran guests have already made the initiative to pay the tail money with the euro., the financial media in the United States, said a little "sour words".

"The dollar is still the most important currency in international transactions, and many commodities are still priced in dollars, so the new rules are bound to have a certain impact."

"In view of the strong ties between Iran and some European countries, they may turn to the euro, but additional currency exchange may increase Iran's import cost and further increase inflation."

Iran's "go to the dollar"

This is not the first time in Iran to "go to the dollar". (Wire Mesh Disc)

In January 2015, Iran's semi official media Tasnim reported that Iran's central bank announced on the 25 th of the month that it will cease to settle in US dollar when trading with foreign countries. When signing foreign trade contracts, it will use RMB, euro, Turkey lira, Russia rouble and won. In January 2016, the same Iran central bank stopped trading in US dollars with the U. S. dollar.

At present, the oil producing countries such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Russia have also made a lot of efforts on the road to dollarization. During the meeting between Tehran and Russian President Putin in November last year, Iran leader Ali Khamenei compared the United States to the enemy, and called for Moscow to completely cut off all dealings with the US dollar payment system.

In January this year, Pakistan's central bank has approved a trader to use RMB as settlement currency in bilateral trade and China in Bazhong said both public and private enterprises can choose to use the renminbi in bilateral trade and investment activities, the central bank has formulated relevant regulations to promote the use of RMB in trade and investment.